Colorful Bowl – Chicken Fajitas Inspired

Hey guys! Over on our Instagram , we have spoken about the importance of eating nutritious foods and treating your body right! This bowl is the perfect example of a healthy, filling and balanced meal. It’s also SO easy to make, cheap to make and the perfect quick lunch that you just put together. For this bowlContinue reading “Colorful Bowl – Chicken Fajitas Inspired”

Nugget Potatoes – Quick & Healthy

Hello guys! Sharing with you today NUGGET POTATOES! This is literally so tasty and so healthy. Speaking of healthy tell us in the comments one healthy habit that you do we would love to know (food or not food related)👇🏻 Ingredients 4 potatoes 1 onion 70g oats Spices: salt, pepper, paprika, parsley. Method Peel theContinue reading “Nugget Potatoes – Quick & Healthy”

No bake Biscuits – Quick and Healthy Recipe

Hello guys 💕. We hope you are doing amazing! We all know how easy it is, on a busy day, to buy pre-packed biscuits and snacks that we KNOW aren’t good for us but we still indulge in them due to lack of time and whatnot. We have tried this super quick and easy recipe forContinue reading “No bake Biscuits – Quick and Healthy Recipe”

Chocolate Energy Balls – The perfect Healthy Recipe

The perfect snack for a busy day at work that will give you an energy boost, satisfy your sugar cravings and will keep you fuel for long! Choco energy balls! It takes 15 mins to make and you can make 12 for the whole week! No excuses 😉 Ingredients For 12 energy balls: 12 pittedContinue reading “Chocolate Energy Balls – The perfect Healthy Recipe”

Healthy Nuts Muffin

It’s still summer and we are still enjoying quick and easy recipes! Mini cakes ready in 5 mins! Delicious, sugar free, fat free and the crunchiness comes from the walnuts and hazelnuts chips. Ingredients 1 pot natural yoghurt (85g) 60g grounded oats 1 egg 30g crushed walnuts & nuts 2 tbsp milk 1 baking powderContinue reading “Healthy Nuts Muffin”

Vegetarian Burger Recipe – Healthy Courgette Burgers

Hello guys and happy Wednesday! Whether you are on holidays or at your desk this courgette burgers are a great way to eat proteins and veggies all at once! These burgers are only 125 calories per patty and are perfect to put in wraps, burgers or salad buns 😉 Ingredients 1 onion 2 courgettes 1Continue reading “Vegetarian Burger Recipe – Healthy Courgette Burgers”

Healthy Chocolate Pie – No Bake Vegan Tartelette

Sundays are made for baking (and prepping meals for the coming week)! Today we made no bake vegan tarts! Easy, delicious, healthy and full of nutrients 😉. These small pies are made using natural ingredients and the pro tip is that you don’t even need to bake them – It’s a win win situation right!Continue reading “Healthy Chocolate Pie – No Bake Vegan Tartelette”

Fluffy Pancakes Recipe – Healthy Breakfast Idea

What would the world be without pancakes on Saturday morning? Or any other morning of the week to be fair  😉 We had these fluffy pancakes for breakfast and they were an absolute treat! Also, might or might not have added some naughty chocolate chunks while cooking 🤫 Ingredients 60g grounded oats 7g baking powderContinue reading “Fluffy Pancakes Recipe – Healthy Breakfast Idea”

Hawaïen Bowl Recipe – Fresh Recipe For Summer

August is here and it brought the heat with it! We’re sharing with you this fresh and easy hawaïenne recipe to have on holidays or behind a desk to feel like on holidays 😉 🌺 👩‍🍳 Ingredients 200g fresh salmon 1 tomato 1 avocado 1/2 mango Spices: 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar,Continue reading “Hawaïen Bowl Recipe – Fresh Recipe For Summer”

Mini Chocolate Muffins – Quick, Healthy & Easy (No sugar, No oil, No white flour)

Our obsession of the moment – mini chocolate muffins! We make them (almost) on a daily basis and we’re addicted! Plus they have no sugar, no butter and get ready in 5 mins – I mean what else could one ask for? 🍫 Ingredients 1 unsweetened natural yoghurt (around 85g) 60g grounded old fashioned oatsContinue reading “Mini Chocolate Muffins – Quick, Healthy & Easy (No sugar, No oil, No white flour)”