Lebanese Bowl – 3 ingredient Falafel Recipe

We hope this week has been amazingly healthy thus far. Sharing with you today this vegan bowl that nourishes your body and soul featuring 3-ingredients falafel recipe. We can’t deny that falafels taste so good and sometimes they can be quite tricky to make. We have tried this recipe not long ago and have adoptedContinue reading “Lebanese Bowl – 3 ingredient Falafel Recipe”

Healthy Overnight French Toast Recipe

We hope you guys are having a great start of the weekend! Sharing with you today this amazing overnight french toast recipe! Perfect for a brunch and tastes absolutely divine! Ingredients & Method In a bowl, mix 1 egg, vanilla sugar, 1 tbsp cinnamon, 15 cl milk and 2 tbsp honey. Cut out your bread,Continue reading “Healthy Overnight French Toast Recipe”

BrowKies Healthy Recipe – The perfect Cookies/Brownies Recipe

Lunch box idea: snack edition! Avoid buying unnecessary pre-packed bars and biscuits! These Brow-Kies are for you! Half chewy and chocolatey brownies and half crunchy yet gooey cookies! They take 20 mins to make and are only 96 cals per bar! You guys can’t go wrong with it! Ingredients & Method For 6 bars: BrownieContinue reading “BrowKies Healthy Recipe – The perfect Cookies/Brownies Recipe”

Chocolate Energy Balls – The perfect Healthy Recipe

The perfect snack for a busy day at work that will give you an energy boost, satisfy your sugar cravings and will keep you fuel for long! Choco energy balls! It takes 15 mins to make and you can make 12 for the whole week! No excuses 😉 Ingredients For 12 energy balls: 12 pittedContinue reading “Chocolate Energy Balls – The perfect Healthy Recipe”

Overnight Oats Recipe

Happy Friday people! Hoping you had an amazing week the #fittygalzway ❤. Quick and easy breakfast recipe that takes literally 5 mins to make. 2 mins the night before & 3 mins the next day, no excuse to not eat healthy 😍. This porridge bowl contains 295 calories and is full of fiber, nutrients andContinue reading “Overnight Oats Recipe”

Granola cups recipe – Vegan granola recipe

We hope you guys had a great Sunday ❤. We are sharing a 4 ingredients oatmeal cups that you can customise as much as you want, it’s perfect for a lunch box treat or little treats for when you have kids or people coming over 😍. Ingredients 1 ripe banana 60g oats 2 tbsp honeyContinue reading “Granola cups recipe – Vegan granola recipe”

SuperGreen Omelette Recipe – Easy Omelette Recipe

Hello friends! We hope you guys are doing well and that you had a very productive Monday  ❤. We can’t deny that there are so many ways to cook eggs and we literally cannot get bored of it – we created this supergreen omelette recipe that is good for the body, the soul and thatContinue reading “SuperGreen Omelette Recipe – Easy Omelette Recipe”

Healthy Chocolate Fondant Recipe

It’s still summer and we are still obsessed with quick chocolate treats because who doesn’t enjoy chocolate 🍫. We’re sharing this tasty and of course healthy chocolate fondant that will satisfy your chocolate cravings 😍. For 4 people Ingredients 200g dark chocolate 4 eggs 20cl milk 2 tbsp corn flour (or grounded oats) Method StartContinue reading “Healthy Chocolate Fondant Recipe”

Healthy Apricot Jam Recipe

Can’t deny that breakfast is the greatest meals of all! You can have it savory, sweet or any other kind. We’re going basic and old school with this amazing apricot jam with no refined sugars and enjoyable guilt-free! Ingredients 500g of apricots 3 tbsp of honey 1tea spoon powder agar agar and spices to useContinue reading “Healthy Apricot Jam Recipe”

Healthy Nuts Muffin

It’s still summer and we are still enjoying quick and easy recipes! Mini cakes ready in 5 mins! Delicious, sugar free, fat free and the crunchiness comes from the walnuts and hazelnuts chips. Ingredients 1 pot natural yoghurt (85g) 60g grounded oats 1 egg 30g crushed walnuts & nuts 2 tbsp milk 1 baking powderContinue reading “Healthy Nuts Muffin”