BrowKies Healthy Recipe – The perfect Cookies/Brownies Recipe

Lunch box idea: snack edition! Avoid buying unnecessary pre-packed bars and biscuits! These Brow-Kies are for you! Half chewy and chocolatey brownies and half crunchy yet gooey cookies! They take 20 mins to make and are only 96 cals per bar! You guys can’t go wrong with it! Ingredients & Method For 6 bars: BrownieContinue reading “BrowKies Healthy Recipe – The perfect Cookies/Brownies Recipe”

Vegan Brownies Recipe

Into the challenge again of turning the unhealthy into healthy: Brownies edition! We created a vegan version, no flour, no eggs and no oil! (Recipe below). You guys truly inspire us to create our favourite recipes using only natural ingredients, so let us know in the comments 👇🏻 what other foods you would want usContinue reading “Vegan Brownies Recipe”