#PastaWeek – The Tahini Pasta

The #FittyPastaWeek comes to an end and we hope that you guys enjoyed this week as much as we did! We truly wanted to show that eating pasta can be healthy AND tasty and that there are so many alternatives out there to eat healthy and tasty foods – you just have to make theContinue reading “#PastaWeek – The Tahini Pasta”

#PastaWeek – The Creamy Mushroom Pasta

We are all guilty of it guys – we all love that creamy mushroom pasta that just warms up the soul! ❤️ This healthy version is so easy to make, needs only 6 ingredients, is so creamy and full of flavor – what else could you ask for? Let’s get cooking! Ingredients For the sauce 5Continue reading “#PastaWeek – The Creamy Mushroom Pasta”

#PastaWeek – Ratatouille Lasagna

Would it even be a pasta week without a delicious lasagna dish? We think NOT! This ratatouille lasagna is packed with vegetables and a healthy cheese sauce that is just SO tasty! You guys have to try this recipe – it’s perfect when having people over but also on a cosy night in. Ingredients ForContinue reading “#PastaWeek – Ratatouille Lasagna”

#PastaWeek – Healthy Penne Arrabiata

Hello guys! Hope you are enjoying this pasta week as much as we are enjoying sharing it with you – let us know what was your favorite recipe from this week so far? Today we are sharing this penne arrabiata. The sauce is generally packed with chilli oil that can make this recipe really highContinue reading “#PastaWeek – Healthy Penne Arrabiata”

#PastaWeek – The Healthy Pesto

Mid-way through the week and we are treating ourselves to this cosy, delicious and super healthy pesto pasta! The creaminess comes from the avocado and gives the sauce such a great texture that we can assure you will L-O-V-E! Ingredients For 1 person For the sauce 1/2 avocado 1 tbsp olive oil 1/2 squeezed lemonContinue reading “#PastaWeek – The Healthy Pesto”

#PastaWeek – Ravioli Courgettes

Would it even be a Pasta week without the classic Ravioli? We don’t believe so! And this is why we came up with this super easy, super tasty and of course super healthy ravioli courgette recipe 😉. It’s fun to make, low-carb and just a great alternative to eat your vegetables in a creative and funContinue reading “#PastaWeek – Ravioli Courgettes”

#PastaWeek – The Alfredo/Carbonara The Healthy Way

And the pasta week continues!  How are you guys doing on this fine Monday evening? Nothing better after a long day than this creamy, super healthy and delicious healthy Alfredo/Carbonara pasta plate. Why Alfredo/Carbonara? Because you can use the same sauce for both recipes! For the Alfredo – Add Chicken and Asparagus. For the CarbonaraContinue reading “#PastaWeek – The Alfredo/Carbonara The Healthy Way”

#PastaWeek – Vegetarian Meatballs Spaghetti

Hello Guys! We are so excited to tell you that this week is going to be Pasta Week! It’s so exciting as we have developed new pasta recipes and healthy sauces for you to enjoy your favorite dish in a healthier alternative! Every day from today until the following Sunday we will be sharing aContinue reading “#PastaWeek – Vegetarian Meatballs Spaghetti”