Healthy Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Happy Friday lovely people! We are doing another challenge of turning the unhealthy into healthy and this time with chicken nuggets! This can be a side to any meal or the perfect protein ball in your lunch box! Let’s get cooking 🤓 Ingredients You will need: 200g grounded chicken breast 1/2 onion 2 small courgettesContinue reading “Healthy Chicken Nuggets Recipe”

One Pot Chocolate Muffin

Hello Guys ! We are coming at you with this delicious, healthy and easy recipe of a chocolate muffin. We made this vanilla/chocolate muffin using only natural ingredients and that will satisfy your sweet tooth 😋 – You can find the mango version here. You will only need 5min to make it ⏱ Ingredients 👩‍🍳 60g mixed oatsContinue reading “One Pot Chocolate Muffin”

One Pot Mango Muffin

Hello everyone ! Yas & Soso hope you had a great weekend ❤️ A lot of you asked for some quick easy recipes ! And so we came up with this one pot muffin. So  here is our one pot muffin for a delicious breakfast or quick snack 🥞 👩🏻‍🍳 We made this muffin using only naturalContinue reading “One Pot Mango Muffin”

Oatmeal Cookies – Easy and Healthy Cookies

Cookies don’t have to be all that bad! And let’s not lie, we LOVE cookies! That’s why when we started this lifestyle we had to find a healthy alternative as we knew we wouldn’t be able to keep away from these delicious treats. These oatmeal cookies are so easy to make and don’t contain anyContinue reading “Oatmeal Cookies – Easy and Healthy Cookies”

Strawberry Mousse – 3 Ingredients!

Looking for a refreshing summer snack? Our favourite fruit? Strawberries 🍓😋. They are a great source of vitamins, fiber and carbohydrates! What a great way to enjoy it as a summer treat? Try our healthy strawberry mousse that is easy to make and where you only need 3 ingredients! Interested? Read on! Ingredients:  1 egg whiteContinue reading “Strawberry Mousse – 3 Ingredients!”

Energy bliss balls – Ferrero rocher style

Hello guys how are you all doing? We know that snacking can be hard during our busy days and that we can choose the easy option which isn’t always the healthiest, so we did these energy bliss balls that you can stock up for the week and take everywhere with you. Best part about itContinue reading “Energy bliss balls – Ferrero rocher style”