Healthy Caramel Coated Cinnamon Muffins

Your galz have taken yet another challenge of turning the unhealthy into healthy with these delicious caramel coated muffins. You must be thinking to yourself “How can you make healthy caramel”, well the answer is in this post. We’re not going to lie and tell you this recipe didn’t result in a few disasters beforeContinue reading “Healthy Caramel Coated Cinnamon Muffins”

Chocolate Coated Cinnamon Energy Balls

Hello guys! Whether you are on a rush or having people over, these energy balls are the perfect on-the-go snack for you! They are raw, vegan and 100% healthy and good for you. They are made with natural ingredients that give you an energy boost, helps regulate your blood pressure and are good for theContinue reading “Chocolate Coated Cinnamon Energy Balls”

Fall/Autumn Recipe – Healthy Cinnamon Swirl

Hey guys! It might sound cliché but Autumn truly is our favorite season. It’s the season where Fitty Soso was born, it’s the season of new beginnings, crispy cosy weather and hot drinks! What’s not to like? We have been in the kitchen trying new fall recipes and we are sharing the first one thatContinue reading “Fall/Autumn Recipe – Healthy Cinnamon Swirl”

Super Chewy No Bake Bites – Healthy Recipe

Hello guys and happy Monday! We hope you had an amazing start of the week – During this busy period, we find ourselves so overwhelmed with so many to do lists that we sometimes forget to care about our body and us FittyGalz are coming to the rescue with these NO BAKE SUPER CHEWY BITES!Continue reading “Super Chewy No Bake Bites – Healthy Recipe”

Spinach Roulé Omelette – Perfect for Cocktails

What’s up guys? Hope you had an amazing Sunday. Today we’re sharing this easy meal prep recipe that’s so good for breakfast or dinner and only 4 ingredients! (We’re surprised you’re not already in the kitchen making it 😉). Ingredients 600g spinach 3 eggs 140g FittyCheese (or cottage cheese) 4 smoked salmon steaks Method BeatContinue reading “Spinach Roulé Omelette – Perfect for Cocktails”

Healthy Banana Chocolate Bread

What’s up guys! One of our fittygal member sent us this amazing banana chocolate bread recipe, we tried it and LOVED it so we want to share it with you guys too 💕. On that note, we love it when you share recipes with us so never hesitate to do so ❤️. Ingredients Wet Ingredients:Continue reading “Healthy Banana Chocolate Bread”

No bake Biscuits – Quick and Healthy Recipe

Hello guys 💕. We hope you are doing amazing! We all know how easy it is, on a busy day, to buy pre-packed biscuits and snacks that we KNOW aren’t good for us but we still indulge in them due to lack of time and whatnot. We have tried this super quick and easy recipe forContinue reading “No bake Biscuits – Quick and Healthy Recipe”

BrowKies Healthy Recipe – The perfect Cookies/Brownies Recipe

Lunch box idea: snack edition! Avoid buying unnecessary pre-packed bars and biscuits! These Brow-Kies are for you! Half chewy and chocolatey brownies and half crunchy yet gooey cookies! They take 20 mins to make and are only 96 cals per bar! You guys can’t go wrong with it! Ingredients & Method For 6 bars: BrownieContinue reading “BrowKies Healthy Recipe – The perfect Cookies/Brownies Recipe”

Chocolate Energy Balls – The perfect Healthy Recipe

The perfect snack for a busy day at work that will give you an energy boost, satisfy your sugar cravings and will keep you fuel for long! Choco energy balls! It takes 15 mins to make and you can make 12 for the whole week! No excuses 😉 Ingredients For 12 energy balls: 12 pittedContinue reading “Chocolate Energy Balls – The perfect Healthy Recipe”

Granola cups recipe – Vegan granola recipe

We hope you guys had a great Sunday ❤. We are sharing a 4 ingredients oatmeal cups that you can customise as much as you want, it’s perfect for a lunch box treat or little treats for when you have kids or people coming over 😍. Ingredients 1 ripe banana 60g oats 2 tbsp honeyContinue reading “Granola cups recipe – Vegan granola recipe”