Stay healthy during Ramadan – The ultimate FittyGalz Ramadan guide

It is finally HERE! The FittyGalz Ramadan guide!!!!

Guys… It is with so much joy that I am finally sharing the Fitty Ramadan Guide with you! It’s a challenge that I have been working on since February, trying out recipes, researching the best foods to eat, combining everything together and bring out a fully comprehensive plan for you to follow. This plan contains a 15 day meal plan (that you can do over the course of Ramadan), a list of groceries to make so that you can start this month on the right foot, some tips and tricks and 10 recipes I’ve never shared before! Don’t forget to follow my daily stories on Instagram where I will be sharing lots of advice, recipes and how to keep healthy during this month!


This meal plan is of course completely free and for you to use as you wish. However, please note that a LOT of effort goes into creating this kind of content, from recipe creation to photography to editing. I have a full time job and I do this during my free time as it is my passion and I truly want to help my community. I don’t want to put a price on it but I will rely on your donations if you wish to support my work and help me continue to provide high quality content for you. You don’t have to donate much, in fact even £1 will show me that you truly support me.

If you can’t donate it’s completely fine but please make sure you share this page around you.

I’m wishing you a blessed Ramadan and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message!

🇫🇷 Ce guide est bien évidemment gratuit et à utiliser comme vous le souhaitez. Cependant, je tiens à souligner que ce genre de travail demande énormément d’efforts: de la création de recettes, prise de photo, création du contenu, design et montage. Je travaille à plein temps et je travaille sur ce genre de contenu durant mon temps libre vu que c’est ma passion et que je tiens à apporter mon soutien à ma communauté et partager mon expérience et mes conseils pour suivre un mode de vie sain. Je ne veux pas commercialiser mes produits, cela n’est pas mon intention. Mais je compte sur votre générosité et votre contribution pour m’encourager à créer plus de contenu de qualité.

Je ne m’attends pas à une somme importante de votre part, au contraire, un montant de £1 est suffisant pour me montrer que vous m’encouragez dans cette Fitty aventure!

Si vous ne pouvez pas faire de don je comprend parfaitement mais s’il vous plaît, partagez le lien de cette page autour de vous!

Je vous souhaite un excellent Ramadan, si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez surtout pas à m’envoyer un message! 





Click here 👇🏻 for the:

The Fitty Ramadan Guide



Until the next meal plan,

FittyGalz x


The FittyGalz 1 year Anniversary Recipe Book – FREE 5 Recipes under 450 calories!

You guys! 1 whole year, 365 days since the FittyGalz account has been created and that we shared our first post ever!

Before creating Fittygalz, Yasmine and I were on a quest to lose weight and have been on a weight loss journey since 2014 – at the end of 2016 after successfully losing weight, life happened and we put some pounds right back on. Needless to say we needed to go back to “dieting”. But that word just didn’t feel right, we did not want to diet, we didn’t want to restrict ourselves to specific foods and we wanted to enjoy life no matter what!

And so the research began! We were looking into the healthy scene, read a few books, watched documentaries and most importantly: LISTENED to our BODIES. I can’t even stress to you guys how IMPORTANT that is.

Long story short, we started prioritizing healthy foods, cooking from scratch and NOT restricting ourselves. Every day, Yasmine and I used to ask each others “What did you eat today?” and we were inspiring each others with recipes, tips and tricks and everything in between.

You get it, from there we asked ourselves “Why not create an Instagram page where we share this with everyone” and so, on March 29, 2018 FittyGalz was born!

And what a year it has been! We met so many incredible people, our community has grown in ways we NEVER thought it would, the support and encouragement is so heart warming and our creativity and love for the healthy life/mind industry has just grown tremendously.

To thank you for always being here for us, I’ve written a little book of recipes for you guys, that includes 5 recipes under 450 calories!

The ingredients used are affordable, easily obtainable and cheap. And because I’m a sweetheart I made two versions: French & English.

Come on then, get downloading! 😉

English version: The Fitty Anniversary – 5 recipes under 450 calories – English version

  French version: The French Fitty Anniversary – 5 recettes à moins de 450 calories

Don’t forget to let me know what you think, your feedback is truly appreciated and will help me create more meal plans/recipes for you guys!

Much love from Yasmine and I,

The FittyGalz x

FittyGalz 1st Meal Plan – A Thank you for 10K

Hello guys! This article is a special one and we are writing it with a warm heart. We wanted to thank you all for your constant support over on Instagram and we are so grateful for every single one of you.

Thank you for trusting us, interacting with us and sharing information with us. We have created this account out of passion, knowledge, experience but most importantly because we wanted to share and change the views that the society has about healthy foods.

Since starting this account, we have met so many amazing people including food bloggers, mothers, fitness gurus and so on… You guys are making a difference in our lives and we want to do nothing but always share the best we can with you and speak about our experiences.

Long story short: A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO ALL 10K OF YOU!

To properly thank you, we have made a 1 week nutrition plan for you guys (we have been working on it for quite a while now) which includes what to eat every day for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Please bare in mind that you can adjust it to YOUR lifestyle and to YOUR caloric needs. Each body is different and so you have to adjust quantities accordingly to your goal.

The program also includes several tips and a list of groceries to make. We have tried to put as much details as we possibly can so we hope you will find it useful – if you have doubts about anything, you can always ask your galz 😉.

We’ve made every single day completely different to show you that eating healthy is not your typical “rice, chicken brocoli”, it’s a lot more colorful, fun and tasty. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think so that we do these more ❤️.

Also if you follow this meal plan in any way make sure you tag us on instagram using the #fittygalzway hashtag and tag us @fittygalz.

Click below to download the meal plan: 

FittyGalz Meal Plan


Nous sommes plus de 10.000 sur Instagram! C’est vraiment fou et on ne s’attendait pas à arriver à ça quand nous avions commencé! Nous sommes super heureuses de pouvoir enfin partager cet article avec vous! Nous tenions à tous vous remercier pour votre soutien sur Instagram et nous sommes super reconnaissantes envers chacun d’entre vous.

Merci de nous faire confiance, d’interagir avec nous et de partager des informations super intéressantes avec nous. Nous avons créé ce compte par passion mais surtout parce que nous voulions partager notre expérience et changer la vision de la société sur une alimentation saine.

Depuis que nous avons commencé ce compte, nous avons rencontré beaucoup de personnes formidables, des blogueurs foodies, des healthy multitask mamans magnifiques, des fitness adeptes, etc.

On fera toujours notre possible pour partager le meilleur contenu avec vous et parler de nos expériences.


Et pour vous montrer notre reconnaissance, nous avons concocté un plan nutritionnel d’une semaine pour vous (nous y travaillons depuis un bon bout de temps maintenant) précis et détaillé qui vous décrit quoi manger chaque jour pour le petit déjeuner, le déjeuner, les collations et le dîner.

Si vous commencez ce meal plan, gardez à l’esprit que vous devez l’adapter à VOTRE style de vie et à VOS besoins caloriques. Chaque corps est différent et vous devez donc ajuster les quantités en fonction de votre objectif.

Le programme comprend également plusieurs conseils et une liste de courses à faire. Nous avons essayé de mettre autant de détails que possible, alors nous espérons que vous trouverez cela utile – si vous avez des doutes sur quelque chose, vous pouvez toujours demander à vos fitty 😉.

Nous avons fait en sorte que chaque jour soit complètement différent pour vous montrer que manger sainement ne veut pas dire s’infliger le classique “riz, brocoli et poulet”.

On attend votre feedback à propos de ce meal plan.

N’oubliez pas de nous tagger sur Instagram avec le hashtag #fittygalzway si vous suivez ce plan et de tagger @fittygalz.

Alors vous attendez quoi pour imprimer ce super programme et l’attaquer?😉

Much love, 

FittyGalz x