No Bake Red Berries and Strawberry Tart

It’s been a while since I haven’t posted a dessert recipe and let me tell you that this recipe was worth the wait! It’s is 100% natural, free from refined sugars, absolutely NOTHING artificial, vegan and just so damn good! Make this dessert and impress everyone as it tastes like a strawberry tart from heaven!Continue reading “No Bake Red Berries and Strawberry Tart”

Banana Bread Yule Log – Idée de Bûche

You guys, we have taken it to the absolute next level when it comes to banana bread recipes! We have made a YULE LOG banana bread and this is the greatest recipe for any sort of parties! Ingredients Wet ingredients 2 ripe bananas 2 eggs 3 tbsp milk of choice 2 tbsp honey or mapleContinue reading “Banana Bread Yule Log – Idée de Bûche”

No-Bake Raw Vegan Pecan Pie Ice-Cream

Hello guys! Have you missed us as much as we missed you? These last few weeks were for us to enjoy some family time and take some time off cooking, but it feels so good to be back! And what a come-back – we are sharing with you this superb no-bake raw vegan pie ice-creamContinue reading “No-Bake Raw Vegan Pecan Pie Ice-Cream”

Easy & Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe

Good morning guys and happy Friday! How are you all doing on this fine autumn and crisp day? We wanted to share this super duper easy carrot cake muffins recipe. It tastes SO good, it naturally sweetened with apples and maple syrup and is so easy to carry around if you would want it asContinue reading “Easy & Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe”

2 Ingredient Healthy Chocolate Truffle

2 ingredients chocolate truffles! Brightening up your day with this incredibly easy recipe – who would have thought that truffles would ever be healthy? 😉 FittyGalz did of course 😍. This recipe is so easy, so tasty and healthy too. With the festive times coming your way soon, you could easily make these and bringContinue reading “2 Ingredient Healthy Chocolate Truffle”

Cinnamon Apple Pie Recipe – Autumn Dessert Recipe

What’s up guys! We can’t deny that apple pies are the perfect automnal staple 🍎😋, plus apple and cinnamon have so many health benefits for our body so let’s treat it right and make this deliciousness! Ingredients -For the crust 200g oat flour 3 tbsp honey 3 tbsp coconut oil -For the filling 500 mlContinue reading “Cinnamon Apple Pie Recipe – Autumn Dessert Recipe”

Vegan And Healthy Apple Crumble Recipe

Autumn is the season of fresh cinnamon smells in the kitchen, pumpkin everything and loads of hot chocolates! You can’t possibly disagree with this. We feel so inspired in the kitchen to make new recipes with these automnal spices and we are starting the week right with this sweet treat with no fat and noContinue reading “Vegan And Healthy Apple Crumble Recipe”

Healthy Chocolate Fondant Recipe

It’s still summer and we are still obsessed with quick chocolate treats because who doesn’t enjoy chocolate 🍫. We’re sharing this tasty and of course healthy chocolate fondant that will satisfy your chocolate cravings 😍. For 4 people Ingredients 200g dark chocolate 4 eggs 20cl milk 2 tbsp corn flour (or grounded oats) Method StartContinue reading “Healthy Chocolate Fondant Recipe”

Bavarois Pineapple Healthy Recipe

Fruit lovers, this recipe is for you!We do know we’ve been a little too chocolate obsessed and we’re turning to fruits a little now. We’re loving exotic fruits lately and have decided to re-create a vegan pineapple bavarian 🍍. Ingredients 400ml unsweetened coconut milk 500g pineapple 2tbsp agave syrup 1 pinch of salt 1 teaspoonContinue reading “Bavarois Pineapple Healthy Recipe”

Healthy Chocolate Pie – No Bake Vegan Tartelette

Sundays are made for baking (and prepping meals for the coming week)! Today we made no bake vegan tarts! Easy, delicious, healthy and full of nutrients 😉. These small pies are made using natural ingredients and the pro tip is that you don’t even need to bake them – It’s a win win situation right!Continue reading “Healthy Chocolate Pie – No Bake Vegan Tartelette”