3 Ingredients Healthy Quinoa Salad

You guys, I have been quite literally OBSESSED with quinoa lately and so I’m always looking for new ways to cook it, because this ingredient is so versatile and can be combined with so many different flavours. After the tasty and successful Quinoa bake, I’m sharing with you this tasty salad that is so easyContinue reading “3 Ingredients Healthy Quinoa Salad”

Buddha Bowl – Healthy Superfoods Bowl

Hello guys – we hope you enjoyed our #FittyPastaWeek over on our instagram and blog last week! Getting away from complex carbs a little with this wholesome nutritious buddha bowl that is so refreshing but also packed with nutrients including proteins from quinoa, vitamins and antioxydants from veggies and leaves but also carbs from potatoes,Continue reading “Buddha Bowl – Healthy Superfoods Bowl”

Roasted Chickpeas Recipe – Healthy and Nutritious

Roasted chickpeas 😍  This recipe is so versatile, so easy to make, contains proteins, carbs and all kind of healthy stuff PLUS it’s SO TASTY! Chickpeas are packed with proteins and is so good for you. This recipe is so simple and can be eaten as a part of a nice salad or just as aContinue reading “Roasted Chickpeas Recipe – Healthy and Nutritious”

Rainbow Bowl Recipe – Vegan Bowl

Happy Monday Guys! We might sound weird but Monday is actually our favorite day of the week – let us explain why: It’s the beginning of a new week, a new chance to make your week amazing, a fresh start. You can make your to-do-list for the week, be productive and get things done! AfterContinue reading “Rainbow Bowl Recipe – Vegan Bowl”

Colorful Bowl – Chicken Fajitas Inspired

Hey guys! Over on our Instagram , we have spoken about the importance of eating nutritious foods and treating your body right! This bowl is the perfect example of a healthy, filling and balanced meal. It’s also SO easy to make, cheap to make and the perfect quick lunch that you just put together. For this bowlContinue reading “Colorful Bowl – Chicken Fajitas Inspired”

Healthy Greek Plate – Homemade Greek Food

Hello healthy people! We hope you had an amazing weekend and are ready to tackle Monday with a healthy and a positive attitude! We wanted to share with you this amazing Greek platter featuring Zucchini/Carrot fritters and this absolutely AMAZING tatziki sauce! It’s perfect for a lunch box and truly tastes amazing, you’ll have toContinue reading “Healthy Greek Plate – Homemade Greek Food”

Red Lentil Bowl With Poached Egg – Healthy & Easy

Hello guys! We hope your Wednesday has been going well and that you have been healthy and nourishing your body the #fittygalzway! We have had a crazy amount of love from you guys on our meal plan  and we are so grateful for each and everyone of you. Over on our Instagram on the IGTV channel,Continue reading “Red Lentil Bowl With Poached Egg – Healthy & Easy”

Healthy Nuggets Recipe – #FittyGalzWay

Today’s recipe is a lunch box staple. On the challenge of turning the unhealthy into healthy we have done healthy chicken nuggets 😋. You can make loads in advance for the week, meal prep the rice too and have a mixed salad. Easy, delicious and healthy 😉. . Method For the rice: Cook 1 onionContinue reading “Healthy Nuggets Recipe – #FittyGalzWay”

Lazy Bowl Recipe – Easy & Healthy

Hi guys! We hope you are enjoying our bowl recipes and ideas! When you are in a rush and still want to eat healthy we would suggest messy bowls and « what’s left in the fridge » bowls. We made this « lazy bowl » and it tastes so good! You have to focus on healthy habits everyday untilContinue reading “Lazy Bowl Recipe – Easy & Healthy”

Lebanese Bowl – 3 ingredient Falafel Recipe

We hope this week has been amazingly healthy thus far. Sharing with you today this vegan bowl that nourishes your body and soul featuring 3-ingredients falafel recipe. We can’t deny that falafels taste so good and sometimes they can be quite tricky to make. We have tried this recipe not long ago and have adoptedContinue reading “Lebanese Bowl – 3 ingredient Falafel Recipe”