Banana Bread With Peanut Butter Frosting

You know my obsession with banana bread by now right? Combine it with my obsession with peanut butter and you got yourself a delicious banana bread muffin with peanut butter frosting. An absolute treat for the soul! Healthy, tasty and satisfying, this muffin is the best snack for you sweet tooth lovers. Let’s get toContinue reading “Banana Bread With Peanut Butter Frosting”

Peanut Butter Stir Fry Recipe

Happy Monday guys! Hoping your Monday started the right way and that you enjoyed some healthy and satisfying foods! We all know that after a long Monday after work we love to unwind and enjoy a nice and hearty meal so I’m coming to you with this super healthy, super tasty peanut butter stir fryContinue reading “Peanut Butter Stir Fry Recipe”

No Bake Red Berries and Strawberry Tart

It’s been a while since I haven’t posted a dessert recipe and let me tell you that this recipe was worth the wait! It’s is 100% natural, free from refined sugars, absolutely NOTHING artificial, vegan and just so damn good! Make this dessert and impress everyone as it tastes like a strawberry tart from heaven!Continue reading “No Bake Red Berries and Strawberry Tart”

The Perfect Savory Breakfast

Happy Saturday guys! Woooop! I’ve been craving savory breakfasts for ages now and finally got around to making it. It’s so filling, almost carb free and packed with proteins, fibre, healthy fats and all the vitamins from all the veggies involved! Sometimes it’s not all about Pancakes right? You gotta switch it up a little¬†ūüėČContinue reading “The Perfect Savory Breakfast”

3 Ingredients Healthy Quinoa Salad

You guys, I have been quite literally OBSESSED with quinoa lately and so I’m always looking for new ways to cook it, because this ingredient is so versatile and can be combined with so many different flavours. After the tasty and successful Quinoa bake, I’m sharing with you this tasty salad that is so easyContinue reading “3 Ingredients Healthy Quinoa Salad”

Healthy Bolognese Quinoa Bake

You guys! 400 calories. Tastes like bolognese. Packed with proteins. Packed with flavours.   Literally don’t know what you are waiting for to go and make this DELICIOUS quinoa bake! It’s such a creative way to use quinoa (that can sometimes be boring) and you have a combination of AMAZING flavours without compromising on theContinue reading “Healthy Bolognese Quinoa Bake”

Mini Chocolate Chip Muffins – Healthy & Quick

Ever had a crazy sweet tooth and just went to the nearest most sugary thing you had and ate it? But then the sweet tooth just amplifies and you want more and more? Fear no more because I got you! This recipe takes 5 mins of your time, is only 130 kcal, tastes SO GOODContinue reading “Mini Chocolate Chip Muffins – Healthy & Quick”

The truth about calories: 4 Things you need to know!

Whatever your history is with calories, counting them, avoiding them and whatnot, we have gathered some important insights for you guys to be able to have an understanding on them and how to use them as part of your everyday life! Whereas you are looking to lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight, you needContinue reading “The truth about calories: 4 Things you need to know!”

Calories – 4 choses √† savoir! (French Edition)

Les calories! Que ce soit les comptabiliser, les √©viter, ou tout simplement ne pas comprendre ce que √ßa repr√©sente dans le monde de la nutrition,¬†nous avons rassembl√© quelques informations importantes pour que vous puissiez les comprendre et les utiliser dans votre vie quotidienne! Quel que soit votre but, perdre du poids, gagner du poids ouContinue reading “Calories – 4 choses √† savoir! (French Edition)”

Caramelized Apples and Cinnamon Pancakes

You guys already know the drill! Pancakes on Sundays are a must! This time I made delicious caramelized apple and cinnamon pancakes with a layer of peanut butter, and I can safely say that they are my favorite kind of pancakes from now on as they remind me of my favorite season: Autumn. Ingredients ForContinue reading “Caramelized Apples and Cinnamon Pancakes”