The Cherry Clafoutis

Hello lovely people! What have you been up to on this lovely Sunday? We spent our Sunday cooking healthy recipes including this drooling cherry clafoutis that we enjoy without any guilt 😋 👩🏻‍🍳 Ingredients: 450g red fruits ( Cherries, Raspberries, Blueberries..) 50g Wholewheat flour/ 50g mixed oats 4 eggs 🥚 50g Stevia 25 cl Almond milkContinue reading “The Cherry Clafoutis”

Fajitas Recipe – Healthy and homemade

Hey guys, how are you all doing? So you know how here at FittyGalz we like to cook everything from scratch and make sure we use natural ingredients? We had a Fajitas night and made the tortillas from scratch! 3 ingredients, simple, easy and HEALTHY! It is better to make your own tortilla at homeContinue reading “Fajitas Recipe – Healthy and homemade”

Chilli con carne

Hello guys, how are you doing in this lovely Saturday night? Chilling? Going out? This recipe is the perfect meal for a night in but also an amazing meal before hitting the town! It is so healthy, so easy to make and so filling, what’s not to like? Right let’s get cooking! Ingredients:  3 bigContinue reading “Chilli con carne”

Energy bliss balls – Ferrero rocher style

Hello guys how are you all doing? We know that snacking can be hard during our busy days and that we can choose the easy option which isn’t always the healthiest, so we did these energy bliss balls that you can stock up for the week and take everywhere with you. Best part about itContinue reading “Energy bliss balls – Ferrero rocher style”