#PastaWeek – Vegetarian Meatballs Spaghetti

Hello Guys! We are so excited to tell you that this week is going to be Pasta Week! It’s so exciting as we have developed new pasta recipes and healthy sauces for you to enjoy your favorite dish in a healthier alternative!

Every day from today until the following Sunday we will be sharing a different pasta recipe. Literally so exciting! Because let’s be real for a minute here, who on EARTH doesn’t enjoy a good pasta dish?

We are starting this week with vegetarian meatballs (you can replace them with these vegan ones from a previous recipe) spaghetti recipe that is OH.SO.GOOD. It’s based on mushrooms and therefore is packed with vitamin D. But it’s also packed with fiber (from the oats, wholewheat bread) and proteins (eggs). So much flavor going on you will not even miss the meat!


Right, let’s kick off this Pasta Week and let’s get cooking! 


For the pasta

85g wholewheat pasta

Standard tomato sauce (no salt or sugar added)

Fresh basil leaves

For the veggie meatballs

9 big mushrooms

1 diced onion

50g wholewheat bread – Put in a food processor to get crumbs

50g oats

30g grated parmesan

Handful of fresh parsley

Spices: Rosemary, oregano, salt & pepper, garlic salt (or garlic clove), paprika

2 eggs


Cut your mushrooms thinly and cook them on a heated pan – you do not need to use any oils as the mushrooms are already high in water thus they will cook in their own juice.

Once they start to brown, add in your sliced onions. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Once cooked transfer it to a bowl. Add in all other ingredients including spices and stir well. Cover and let it rest in the fridge for 2 hours.

Once you get them out, pre-heat your oven to 180° and start forming little balls until your mixture ends. Put in the oven for 20 mins until brown and flip them mid-cooking.


While it’s cooking, bring your pasta to boil according to package instruction. Once it’s ready put it back in the saucepan and add the tomato sauce, salt & pepper, garlic salt and cut basil. Stir everything on low heat for 8-10 mins.

Once everything is ready you can serve your pasta with your veggie meatballs and a cheeky grated parmesan on top  😉.

Hope you enjoyed this first recipe for our PastaWeek!

Until the next recipe,

FittyGalz x

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